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Q & A

Here are some common questions and answers about driving with us:

How much do you pay?

4on/4off pay range is $20 to $25 per hour for drive time and $10 to $15 per hour for on duty time.


It's difficult to just give a person a pay rate. It depends on the interview, experience (rookies vs experienced) and the type of schedule (days out on the road).  It could range from 35 cents per mile up to 54 cents per mile.


Are the trucks manual? 
Our Trucks are Auto Shift


What kind of trucks? 
2016 and 2020 Freightliner Cascadias and 2019 Mack Anthems


Do you have teams? 
We do have teams. They are not forced teams. The drivers form their own partnerships and we retain final approval of the team.


Where do you run and how long are the runs? 
We run predominantly east of the Rocky Mountains. We do not deliver in New York City or it Boroughs.  


Pet Policy? 
We have a Pet Policy. Drivers are welcome to bring their pets with a $150 deposit.

Rider Policy? 

Rider must be 10 years of age or older and there is a $29/ month fee for liability insurance.

Is the training paid training for new people that want to train for the position? 

If they have attended a CDL School and have their Class A CDL License they will be paid during their on the job training. 


How many miles in 4 days for the 4 on 4 off program? 

The 4 on / 4 off schedule is not based on miles driven since it pays by the hour. 


What areas do you hire out of?

In most areas that we deliver and pick up.  


What is the CDL training like? How long is it?

Training is 6 weeks with an experienced driver. Our Trainers must have a minimum of 2 years driving experience (They are NOT rookies). Are trainers are on the same 14 hour clock as the student driver. They are not operating as a team where the “trainer” would be sleeping while the trainee is driving. Lots more I can talk to them about once we get a chance to speak with the prospect. 


What do they do for physicals? 

We pay for a New Hire DOT Physical and Drug Screen as well as a new hire hair follicle drug screen. 

Do they send you to school and then train or do you have to obtain a CDL first? 

We do not pay for the student to go to CDL school but we do have a tuition reimbursement program. 


(4 on 4 off)  Is this after you’ve trained for 6 weeks or from the beginning?

The 4on /4of position requires a minimum of 1 year experience so the student driver would not be qualified for the 4 day schedule until they have 12 months experience. 

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To apply to become a driver with Marvin Keller, fill out the application here.