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Interview with Ron Lowry Recently Retired Driver

Ron Lowry has been a company Driver Associate for 13 years, and we recently had the chance to sit down to reminisce about his time at the company and speak about his future plans. Right off the bat, he immediately wanted to take the chance to express gratitude to the company, which is funny because all of us here wanted to express our gratitude to him for his years of service and loyalty to the company. He certainly is a class act that we will miss having out on the road. Here is our interview with him:

Interviewer: Hey Ron how you doing?

Ron: Good!

Interviewer: Great! I heard that you wanted to say a few things for our blog.

Ron: Well I just thought it would be nice if I put something in thanking the company for the retirement party and everything.

Interviewer: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions over the phone?

Ron: Okay!

Interviewer: Cool! First off, could you briefly talk about your time here at Marvin Keller?

Ron: Well I’ve been with them for 13 years, and I’ve been a local driver for all that time. I got to know the receivers and shippers in the area really well. I worked with people in the office and the dispatchers and got to know them very well.

Interviewer: If you don't mind me asking, what was the most challenging part of working here?

Ron: There’s a lot of challenging aspects of the job, one thing is being a safe driver. You know, you have to be attentive, and be a safe driver I guess. That would be one of the most challenging things. Doing everything safely and correctly above all, mostly. And working with attention to detail. I always tried hard in that aspect.

Interviewer: What do you think was the best thing about working here?

Ron: Well, working with the people I suppose would be one of the best things.

Interviewer: Now that you are moving into this next phase of retirement, what do you look forward to the most?

Ron: To do a little bit of traveling on my own, aside from being in the truck, and being with my wife, spending more time with her and being able to do a few things around the home, do some gardening and stuff. Not being on the rigid schedule as I was, working every day. I can pretty much do what I want when I want to do it. And if I don’t want to do something one day, I don’t have to I can put it off to the next day. Just kind of having a relaxed attitude, I guess.

Interviewer: Is there any advice or wisdom that you would want to impart to our current and new drivers?

Ron: Just to try to work as safely as they can and to pay attention to the details in everything they do. With regard to paperwork and safety and everything else. And to find something everyday to make your day enjoyable, which I know is hard to do that everyday, but I always tried to have a pretty good time everyday when I come to work. Finding some way to make my day more enjoyable.

Interviewer: Is there anything you would want to add?

Ron: Well, I just really wanted to thank the Marvin Keller family and everyone for the dinner they gave me, and the gifts they gave to me, and all the kind words. I enjoyed working with the people there, the 13 years I was there. And if there’s one thing i’m going to miss, I’ll miss the people more than anything else. Seeing them every day. That’s one thing I wanted to say to express my gratitude to the company.

Interviewer: We certainly appreciate all that you did for the company, Ron. Thank you so much for your time, and for being willing to speak to me.

Ron: Okay, thank you!

Ron is no longer in our trucks, but he will be forever in our hearts. We believe retirement is not the end, but a new beginning. Ron as you know, the Marvin Keller family is close, and we want you to know we will always consider you and Sharon a part of it. We hope to see you two around soon!

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