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Wisdom from Lewis White, Company Driver to Owner Operator

My name is Lewis White, and today is my first day as an owner operator.

I was a company driver for Marvin Keller for a year and a half, and that made it possible for me to pursue this career as an owner operator under their authority of course. I recently purchased a truck, and I’m really excited.

I know Marvin Keller has a lease purchase program that they’re trying to start. For the people who can’t go out and buy their own truck in full, it’s a good thing to look into. Especially if you find a company like this company, Marvin Keller, they go above and beyond for their drivers. It’s awesome.

Previously I leased a truck with Trans Am for nine months. It’s a large company, very large company, and It was rough. You know I could just barely get enough miles to make the payments on the truck. Low miles, that’s a reason why everybody talks bad about lease purchase programs. But you get in with the wrong company there is nothing good that comes of that. You have got to be more than just a number to the company. I mean that’s what you are to most big companies, you’re just a number. They don’t care about you as a driver. Freight comes first, then driver. This company is not like that.

A lot of guys that are driving, they're reading the signs on the back of my trailers. You treat them like a piece of meat. And they come across the radio and ask me, “Is it true, do they do that good?” And I say, “Yeah, they’re awesome."

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