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Our New Plan to Provide More Safety Bonuses for All Drivers

Even though the Marvin Keller fleet has had outstanding success in Safety CSA scores and ratings, as a company we are always seeking to raise the bar towards practices that keep our drivers safe. Our current safety bonus rewards drivers if they maintain clean records in areas such as preventable crashes, or road-side inspections and violations. Moving forward we think our drivers deserve more compensation for their attention to safety practices.

As a company we have prioritized rewarding our safest drivers for clean marks, but we would like to see more drivers in our fleet receive those bonuses. Our idea is to start engaging our drivers with up-to-date safety training materials that can be accessed online. These materials will not be mandatory, but will be a reward for those top drivers willing to take extra initiative in keeping our roads safe. Our plan is to provide a cash bonus for drivers who complete these online training materials.

We will develop various safety campaigns that these training materials will address. Future campaign ideas include winter weather driving, trailer safety, dealing with driver fatigue, distracted driving, critical crash prevention, national safety month, high frequency crashes, seasonal driving, crash reporting, speeding, CSA scores and many more.

We plan on releasing these training materials along with their participation cash bonuses in the near future. Stay tuned for more information regarding these bonus.

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