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PeopleNet Training Series: PeopleNet and TMW Connection Failure

Generally PeopleNet is a great technology to boost communications with our drivers, but lately we have been encountering a few issues. The primary issue at hand is that sometimes PeopleNet will not properly transfer information into the TMW system.

What we found is that when a driver stays logged in after their usage, the system will lock up and not communicate with TMW. After seeking a solution to this problem for awhile we asked PeopleNet support for advice. This is what they said.

They suggested that all we need to do is log out at least once a week. The problem is that when drivers stay logged in after they finish their route, the system never gets a chance to clear. Typically the system allows for drivers to stay logged in for about a week, but there are some drivers who are staying logged in over the weekend or for two to three weeks at a time. That is when we start to see some communication failure.

So what we recommend is that everyone log out and get in the habit of logging out of the system while you are not using it. Your device will ask you if you want to log out of the truck completely and you should click yes. That way your log-in information will not be in the system while you are not using the truck, and the system will be allowed to reboot. It is just like how our home computers need to reboot every once in awhile. If you are not rebooting your computer, the system tends to lock up and not work as well. They recommend the same thing.


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