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A New Mobile Capture App

Marvin Keller has suffered greatly over the years by using a painfully slow documenting system for far too long. We are excited and proud to announce that we are finally making the jump to a mobile documenting technology that will make the paperwork process much simpler for everyone.

The Mobile Capture app will be available for download in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and installed directly on your personal smartphone device.

The feature we want to highlight today is the ability for drivers to scan in their paperwork using their mobile phone camera. We anticipate that it will save them a lot of time because they will no longer have to stop and use the slow Transflo system that requires everyone to scan in their documents physically. Instead they will have an app on their personal phone that allows them to take a picture of their documents to send to the indexer immediately.

The app is fully integrated with our TMW system, which means drivers no longer have to manually insert their order numbers or driver IDs. Instead they will be able to tap on a drop down menu allowing them to quickly choose their order number, tap their driver ID, take a picture, and quickly send it to the indexer. For our operations team it sounds too good to be true. They currently spend countless hours indexing orders by hand. Now with the Mobile Capture app, they can devote that time to accommodating our drivers on the road. Productivity will increase all around.

For drivers who do not have access to a smartphone device, we have talked about providing tablets solely for the usage of the new Mobile Capture app. For drivers who do not have a mobile camera on their smartphone, there is an alternative scanning option for an in-cab portable scanning device that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. After using this scanner, it wirelessly sends the picture directly to your phone’s picture gallery where it can be uploaded to the Mobile Capture app.

If you have trouble adjusting to the mobile platform, there will be tech support available for quick installation of the application and general tech support over the phone or at headquarters. As we move closer to the official change we will provide an in-depth step by step training resource about easy installation and use.

The future is now. It had been in our pockets all along.

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