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The Purpose of our Mobile Channel: The Marvin Keller Weekly

The “Marvin Keller Weekly” can be compared to a company blog or intranet, except we want to see our own employees and drivers generate the content. We have always viewed our drivers as major parts of our team, but we realize that our lack of effort to keep them in the loop did not reflect that sentiment.

We have come up with a platform to communicate news and information about the company to drivers. Because it is viewable on mobile devices it allows drivers to stay updated on company efforts no matter where they are and almost in real time. Of course we would never advocate any driver to be on their phone while they are on the road, but we encourage them to engage with the “Weekly” regularly during breaks or any time they are stopped. It is a great resource to check out what is going on in the company and with their fellow drivers on the road.

The “Weekly” is not only a place of communication from our operations team to our drivers, it is also a space where drivers themselves can contribute to the conversation. We want to allow everyone involved in the company the opportunity to share ideas, experiences, tips, pictures, and any content about their lifestyle on the road and even in their personal lives.

We think that our drivers have a lot to say, and we want to publish it for everyone within the company to see. We are inviting all our drivers to become contributors to the “Weekly” and get paid for their content. For every piece on content that we use, they are guaranteed to receive a $25 bonus in their next paycheck. Content can consist of pictures, journal entries, written articles, even poems. There really is no limit.

You can find more information about how to submit content at There are no guidelines other than it must be about your experience as a driver. Keeping content under 400 words is ideal but any length is accepted. If you are someone who likes to write this is a great side-gig to make some extra cash while on the road.

Happy writing, and stay safe.

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