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What Lane Should I Be In?

In the United States most exits will be located on the right side of the road. But sometimes drivers can get an exit that is on the left side. This can be tricky for industry drivers since their vehicles are much less mobile than compact cars.

Many times drivers will be coasting in the left lane when taking an exit and find out too late that their exit requires them to be on the other side of the road. They abandon all safe driving instincts in the moment and cut across multiple lanes in order to reach their proper lane to exit on time.

Instead of endangering your life and the lives of the other travelers around you by cutting across two lanes at the last minute, there are many signs you can look for ahead of time to see which lane you need to be in. Steve Von Behren provides a helpful tip to quickly see which lane you should be in.

Steve says,

“If you look at the exit number at top of a normal exit sign, you will see that the number is located on the top right side for a right hand exit and located on the top left side for a left lane exit. It is very helpful when driving a big truck or a car!”

Thanks, Steve for the helpful tip. Remember this tip the next time you are unsure about which lane your exit is.

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