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Tiffany's New Role in Sales and Business Development

Our organization has done a great job the past couple years at managing our operations and creating a pipeline of quality, talented drivers. But one area where there is room for improvement is our focus to bring new business to the company.

We plan to make some changes in operations January of 2017. We are starting a process of transitioning and evolving the roles of operations personnel so that Tiffany White and Rick Ellis can spend the majority of their time on business development activities. Tiffany will still maintain her responsibilities as head of recruiting while taking on additional responsibilities in business clientele.

We are excited to see where Tiffany takes the company because she has a lot of years in operations. Her understanding of the operational side of the business makes her uniquely qualified and well suited to bring in new business transaction that matches the operational requirements of the company.

We have already had some success with Tiffany providing leads on new accounts that lead to new customers. Joe Keller, CEO of the company sat down with us to talk about Tiffany’s new role. He says,

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tiffany for a few years now. She’s had the opportunity to learn about every position in operations, which makes her an extremely valuable asset to the company. What I have noticed about Tiffany is that she is a quick learner, she has a lot of confidence, and she has demonstrated an ability to develop trust and positive rapport with people. That is a very valuable skill set to have to develop leads for the company. She makes it look easy. That’s a compliment.”

The whole process of making our company more efficient is a process called streamlining, and our official name for this streamlining process is the Lean Initiative. Tiffany’s new role is one large part of our company-wide Lean Initiative.

Photo by Marvin Keller Trucking Inc. Edited by Daniel Chung

© 2016 Marvin Keller Trucking Inc | Photo by Daniel Chung

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