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PeopleNet Error: Failing to Communicate with TMW

We released an article earlier about an issue with PeopleNet that stated a reoccurring issue with each PeopleNet system failing to communicate with TMW. We found that when PeopleNet fails to communicate properly with TMW it is because drivers do not log out of their cab after completing their routes.

Mark Spencer is one of our drivers who recently reported having these problems with his PeopleNet workflow process. Mark reported having completed the work process as necessary, and we found that the problem lied in his PeopleNet unit’s failure to communicate with TMW. We brought him in, and simply logged him out of his truck. This instantly solved the issue. Afterwards we and had him perform a training exercise with PeopleNet to confirm his knowledge of the standard workflow process, which now includes logging out regularly from the PeopleNet system after completing a route.

To all drivers, make sure you get in the habit of logging out every time you complete a route. This will prevent TMW communication errors in the PeopleNet system. Thank you, and happy driving.

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