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Shipper Parking Suggestion

In the trucking industry one topic that is often overlooked is parking. Truck drivers can spend up to 56 minutes a day searching for parking according to a recent study by Commercial Carriers Journal. This can cause drivers to shut down much earlier than they need to just to secure a spot, and over time this work around can significantly reduce their pay.

The parking shortage is expected to worsen as thousands of drivers across the country make a shift to electronic logs. It is critical for drivers to plan ahead to locate available parking, but there are also steps that the company can take to help each driver spend less time searching for a spot to park.

One specific driver that has suffered from shipper parking shortage is Bobby Brown, Marvin Keller Driver Trainer. Bobby submitted a suggestion to help resolve this issue.

He suggests that the customer service representatives try to find out from the customer if they have overnight parking available before and have them include that information in the notes section of the dispatch. This will be extremely helpful for night receivers because after you are checked in, you can go off duty and save your 70 hour clock.

Bobby also suggests taking advantage of Reserved Parking Spaces that Marvin Keller pays for. A driver may pay his own parking and turn the receipt in for reimbursement or ask the Driver Manager to reserve a spot for him in advance.

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