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How to use the Optimized Idle System and Separate Heater to Stay Warm

Our trucks either have an Optimized Idle system or a Parksmart system to maintain proper temperatures. The Parksmart system has its own heater and keeps the engine in the truck warm. It will maintain temperature in the truck for up to four days if working right. We wanted to write an article that explains how to use the Optimized Idle system properly to keep your truck warm.

The Optimized Idle system has two modes: engine mode and climate mode. The engine mode is set to keep the batteries charged and to keep the engine consistent at certain temperatures. With the Optimized Idle we also have a separate heater in the back, which is a lot like the heater in the Parksmart system. This is a separate device that will actually heat up the cab to keep you warm.

It is important to note that the heater works separately than the Optimized Idle system. If you have a truck equipped with Optimized Idle you should use the Engine Mode on the Optimized Idle system to maintain the batteries but then use the separate heater to keep yourself warm in cab.

Here is the instructions for operating the Engine Mode on the Optimized Idle operator manual:


Use to maintain the battery charge or keep the engine warm when the vehicle is unattended. The engine compartment alarm sounds briefly prior to any Optimized Idle engine start.

1. Start the engine and let it remain idling.

a. Close and secure the hood or cab.

b. Put the transmission in neutral and in high-range (if equipped).

c. Apply the parking brake.

2. If you have cruise control, turn the cruise master switch to the “ON” position. If the switch is on, turn if off and on after the vehicle is idling.

3. The Optimized Idle active light flashes.

4. When the idle shut down timer expires, the Optimized Idle light stops blinking and remains on. Optimized Idle is active. The engine will stop and restart as needed.

Stay warm out there. Call Greg Sullivan if you have any questions regarding the Optimized Idle System, the separate heater, or Parksmart system (217-728-9800 ext 255).

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