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Driver Managers Trained in PeopleNet Services

Our Driver Managers have reported in the past that drivers will often ask them troubleshooting questions about their PeopleNet Systems. Our Managers were struggling to provide full tech support to their drivers in PeopleNet services because they simply were not trained that way. Our solution was to train our Driver Managers in PeopleNet services so that they can fully support their drivers who are experiencing trouble with their PeopleNet systems.

It is extremely important to our work flow for Drivers to complete the PeopleNet process correctly. Whenever there is even a slight mistake in the PeopleNet process on our Driver’s side it results in delays and errors that our operations team has to go back and fix by hand. We think that training our Driver Managers will result in a higher completion rate of the PeopleNet process.

Tammy Clough, Driver Manager reports, “Our drivers usually want us to help them get through the basic PeopleNet process but the problem is often that they missed a step in the process or incorrectly performed a step. I am not fully trained in PeopleNet tech, but I am trained in most of PeopleNet services. My training has helped me better distinguish the inconsistencies and basic mistakes that our drivers may commit through the PeopleNet process.”

Hannah Jones, Driver Manager reports, “This training has been very helpful in reducing a lot of the confusion and processes behind our PeopleNet issues and communications with maintenance. I find myself able to figure out the problem much quicker and help my drivers resolve basic issues with PeopleNet technology.”

If you are experiencing trouble with PeopleNet, make sure you reach out to your Driver Manager. They are capable with PeopleNet technology and will be able to resolve your PeopleNet issues.

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