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Backhaul Training to Reduce Wait Time

Freight always seems to slow down in the winter. Because of this we are beginning to see a surge in backhaul needs, especially when a lot of people deliver to the same area and at the same time. To combat this we want to start training several people in the organization in backhauls. These trainees do not necessarily have any experience with planning or backhauls, but we want them to have the capability to jump in at any time to make phone calls and help cover when our operations team gets overwhelmed.

The whole point of the new training for backhauls is to make sure our drivers do not sit for long periods of time. We have been steadily growing and adding a lot more more drivers than we have in a long time. Training for backhaul will ultimately keep our drivers moving.

All of our competitors are trying to get the same backhauls. If we get more people on the phone, we have a higher chance at securing backhauls. Our hope is that any one of our employees can jump in to help when we need it. Some may see this as an opportunity for advancement within the company. You are not necessarily bound to the same responsibilities you were hired for.

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