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After Hours Program: Marvin Keller 24-7

Marvin Keller has an after hours program which is designed to assist drivers with any issue after the office’s and shop’s closing time. We have a Call Center (after hours) number that is meant to assist drivers with load issues such as issues with a pick-up number or help locating a trailer, and we also have a Shop (after hours) number that is for maintenance assistance. Both numbers have a representative on call at all times throughout the day.

The Call Center has four employees rotating on call including two driver managers Hannah Jones and Tammy Clough, as well as two planners Rachel Fry and Travis Bartels. If the Call Center cannot resolve your issue they will put you through to the manager on call.

It is important for drivers to report any crashes that as they happen. This means that crashes that occur after hours must be reported to the Call Center (after hours) number. The driver manager can then assist the driver, answer any questions, and provide guidance based on the severity of the crash.

The Shop (after hours) number gives drivers 24-7 maintenance assistance for simple issues. The Shop (after hours) number is meant to provide service to drivers in or around the Sullivan area. Typically an after hours technician will meet you at the Marvin Keller lot or at a location within Sullivan.

For areas outside Sullivan our maintenance staff suggests you call AmeriQuest, a partner break-down service that takes care of any problem related to vehicle repairs, tires or towing. AmeriQuest is open 24/7. Calling them will send a repair crew immediately to your location from a local vendor in your area. If you are in the Effingham area call Fleet Masters. They are always open until 11:30 PM.

Call Center (after hours): 217-258-4506

Shop (after hours): 217-972-4309

AmeriQuest: 855-727-7873

Fleet Masters (Effingham): 217-342-9550

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