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Kroger DC in New Baltimore

Several of our customers are shipping to the Kroger DC in New Baltimore, MI. Not only is this a night receiver, but we understand there have been congestion issues and parking is a challenge. Kroger recommends that drivers park at the Rest Area off I-94 located at exit 246. The Kroger DC is off exit 243 but there are no places to park closer to the DC. Drivers may not park on adjacent streets including Richard W Boulevard or E Russell Schmidt Road. Drivers also cannot park in the neighboring Grocery Store Lot. The Kroger DC plans to install a guard shack, revise their pathway, and implement procedure changes to significantly improve operations in the future. We will keep you informed as we hear about any changes.

We appreciate when our drivers send us updates like these. One notable instance of a helpful update was today (Monday Jan 23) through Karl Simmons. Karl sent us an update about a customer Hyvee Food Stores in Cherokee, Iowa notifying us that they allow overnight truck parking. Thank you for your participation, Karl!

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