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Sign-On/Referral Bonuses 2017

We have added a few new bonuses from now through the end of June 2017.

Because Marvin Keller takes pride in employing the best drivers of the industry we are offering a $1000 sign on bonus for experienced industry drivers who sign on with Marvin Keller.

We are also adding a $1000 referral bonus for any driver referral. This means that if you refer a driver who signs on with Marvin Keller, you will receive a $1000 bonus (paid in quarterly installments as long as the referral stays on board).

We really value our driver referrals. From a recruiting standpoint personal driver referrals are much more effective than advertisements. Having said that, we are offering to create business cards for any driver who wants to hand out information to potential hires. This is a good way to give your referral all the information that they need to include your name with an application, giving you credit for a referral.

If you have any questions regarding the referral process, contact Tiffany White at 217-728-9800 ext 263.

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