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PeopleNet Tip: Clearing Messages

We have been experiencing some issues with the PeopleNet systems in our trucks operating slowly or locking up, etc. After some investigation we found that many of the issues occurred when the individual mailboxes in the "Messaging" portion had been filled with excess messages. To prevent this, it is important to clear the mailboxes out regularly.

We recommend you clear them out at least once per week. This allows the unit to operate at the highest efficiency. It also reduces potential confusion when scrolling through to find a recent message.

There are two ways to delete messages in the PeopleNet Messaging Mailboxes.

One way of course is to go into the Messaging Icon and highlight each individual message and then press the Delete Icon along the lower portion of the screen and follow on screen instructions.

However, there is a quicker way to delete all messages in each of the mailboxes in fewer steps.

Before starting be sure to write down any information you wish to save because the following procedure will delete all messages in the mailbox at once.

Step 1: From the HOME Screen press the "SYSTEM" Icon (typically to the right of the screen).

Step 2: On the Next Screen Press the "Blue i" Information Icon.

Step 3: On the next Screen press the key at the bottom of the screen that reads "Services"

Step 4: On the next Screen Touch to Highlight the words "Empty Mailbox" then press the "Select" key at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: On the next Screen Press the Icon along the lower portion of the screen that corresponds to the mailbox you wish to clear. For example if you wish to delete messages in the "Inbox" press that Icon.

Step 6: On the next Screen you will be asked if you wish to delete all messages in the mailbox and then press "Yes" to delete or "No" if you do not wish to delete all messages.

Once you press "Yes" you will be directed back to the Screen that displays all the Mailboxes and you simply repeat steps 5 and 6 for each mailbox (Inbox, Saved Box, Sent Box, Draft Box, Out Box).

Once you have cleared out each mailbox you may return to the HOME screen and continue regular operations.

Your assistance in maintaining the PeopleNet system is greatly appreciated!

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