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New Load Board for Owner Operators and Board Carriers

We are proud to announce that we have finally created a platform to more smoothly and efficiently facilitate the load picking process for owner operators and board carriers. The platform is completely online, where it allows viewers to see a full list of load offers and allowing them to hand pick the loads that are better placed in their business interest.

With the new load board platform, we are able to offer many more options to our partners including different lanes and varied pay rates. The goal of this project was to help fix our old process and fit it into the interests of our partners.

Previously we used TMW technologies to create a personalized list containing only 3-5 load offers for each partner carrier. We would email this list to each carrier and wait for their response before confirming their load and dispatch. This meant that our partners could really only choose from a small collection that was already predetermined by the TMW system, and the process of confirming dispatch was much longer. Our interest in this project was not only to make the process more efficient, but primarily to give our partners more variety and control over their business decisions.

Although our load board is online you will need to request permission before viewing the board. This way we are able to review who is requesting access, and determine if we are able to develop a business partnership before allowing them access to our load offers.

If you have any questions about the load board process, call either Daniel or Travis.

Daniel at 217-671-8445

Travis at 217-728-2800 ext. 224

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