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Driver Shout Out: Marc Bear

We wanted to recognize company driver Marc Bear for his outstanding help with setting up a new lot last week.

We recently started using a new trailer lot in Riverdale Illinois because we had some security issues with the previous lot. This new lot promises higher security as well as a reliable mechanic. We asked Marc some help moving the empty trailers from the old lot to the new lot. He ended up going above and beyond to assist in making the lot usable for our drivers.

Marc was able to help us move the empty trailers into the new lot but ran into some difficulties after arriving at the lot. He found there there were some areas in the lot where pavement had not been yet placed, and found an area of wet mud with a trailer parked directly in the center. Unfortunately others had started parking around the mud area, and there ended up being five trailers accumulated around this trailer stuck in mud. The middle trailer needed to be freed from the mud, but the five trailers around it needed to be moved first. Marc took the initiative to move each of the empty trailers and eventually free the trailer stuck in the mud with the upmost attitude and service mentality.

Marc also took the initiative to create a detailed and extremely helpful list of turn-by-turn instructions to find the lot, which is sort of difficult to find. Now our drivers can find the lot with ease, being able see his instructions every time whenever we send them the location of the lot.

Thank you Marc for always going above and beyond. It is drivers like you who make Marvin Keller a great company.

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