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Introducing Paycor: New Payroll Software

We have some exciting news! You might remember that back towards the end of 2016 we mentioned that we were getting new payroll software here at Marvin Keller. Well, the time has finally arrived! The company that we chose to handle our payroll is called Paycor.

We looked at several companies and this one was heads above all the others. This will give all our employees access to payroll information, wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. You will find all your pay stubs and W-2 information on the Paycor website. You will be able to see and print all your pay stubs without waiting for them to come in the mail!

But, first we have to get everyone registered! So here is step one, you will get an email form me with the instructions attached and labeled Registration Steps. There is also a document attached that says “I am an employee and I need help." This list some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. However, if you have questions please get with your driver manager, they have gone through the registration steps and will be glad to help!

I will send out a PeopleNet message the first week that your pay stubs will not come in the mail.

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