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Sherwin Williams: Our Number One Customer

Sherwin Williams is a fortune 500 company that has $11.3 Billion in sales the past fiscal year. In 1939 they were known for developing the yellow paint used for school buses, but around Marvin Keller the company is better known as our top client. And this sentiment as reciprocated as Sherwin Williams has named Marvin Keller their top, #1 carrier in the country.

Yes, Marvin Keller has hauled more loads for Sherwin Williams in the past year than any other trucking company in the United States, including all the big boys like Swift, JB Hunt and Werner. We completed 4520 loads in 2016. That is an average of 87 a week.

How did we build such a good relationship with Sherwin Williams, a major fortune 500 company? We constantly honor our commitments. We have amazing HAZMAT authority. We are flexible and offer short notice service. But ultimately we have the best employees in the business. That’s right. Every one of our drivers has made this business relationship possible.

The Effingham DC is the largest Sherwin Williams DC in the country. Effingham is the “hallmark” location or in other words, the location they judge all other DC’s by. If Sherwin Williams wants to test a new process, they do it at Effingham first.

We recently met with Sherwin Williams in Effingham to address their capacity issues. They are moving more tonnage through the 1.5 million plus square foot warehouse than ever before. This poses a big problem for them. How can they take advantage of their dock doors?

The first solution was to receive loads on 3rd shift, specifically in the 12a to 5a range. As we all know, this is hard on road drivers to deliver in the early hours. Our participation with Sherwin Williams gave them the idea of letting us drop trailers as much as 8 hrs before the appointment times. This insures that our drivers do not have to live unload in the early hours, but give Sherwin Williams the flexibility to unload when there is less traffic. This is the definition of a partnership.

I just wanted to personally thank all of the Marvin Keller employees that helped foster this partnership with Sherwin Williams. Your efforts constantly show this competitive and fast-paced industry that we are an Elite Fleet.

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