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Drivers are the Best Ambassadors for Customer Leads

Our drivers are a great asset to the company not only in terms of service but also expansion. Since our drivers are out on the road, they act as our company’s eyes in the playing field. We are always looking for our drivers to provide new business leads to expand our company.

We hope that every driver acts as an ambassador for new business, so we are producing a personal brochure handout for drivers to hand out to potential customers. Since we want our drivers to be as professionally equipped as possible, we also offer a to create personal business cards for drivers who are interested in developing customers. The brochure will include all the necessary company information as well as a slot for your business card, giving our drivers a direct hand in developing business for the company.

Here are some examples of drivers who have successfully developed customer leads:

Melanie delivered to Beck’s Hybrid last year and recommended that we contact them to book freight directly through them. We were able to secure three lanes that all deliver to Effingham and work perfectly in our network.

Sam Copas was on a broker load from Hudson Technologies in Champaign and recommended that we try to book direct through them and now we are one of three carriers they go to for their freight needs.

Other drivers who have been able to assist our sales team in customer leads are Darrell Seaman, Steve Von Behren, Dusty Hodge, Gail Wilson, Anthony Voorhees, Bobby Brown, and Allen Fitzgerald.

Great work everyone! We deeply appreciate and value your excellence and service.

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