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Extended Tour Program

We are proud to introduce our new Extended Tour Program. The program gives drivers the option of staying out on the road two weeks at a time while earning a higher pay rate. This means your will be out on the road 14 days at a time.

Participating in this opportunity means that drivers will have the opportunity to stay out on the road for two weeks at a time while earning an additional 4 cents per mile, or three weeks earning an extra 6 cents per mile.

During their 2 or 3 weeks on the road, Extended Tour drivers will do their 34 hour break while on the road, sleeping in their trucks. If there is an issue with the truck drivers can call their driver managers to get help finding proper accommodation.

We started this program because we know that some drivers do not mind being over the road for longer periods of time, and we wanted to provide a flexible way that drivers can earn a higher rate.

The program is for OTR and regional drivers only, it is not for local drivers.

If you are interested in the Extended Tour Program talk to our recruiting team.

Aleta Crouch: 217-728-9800 ext. 233 or

Greg Allsop: 217-728-9800 ext. 280 or

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