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PSA: Perform Proper Pre-Trip Inspection

We had a truck and trailer that caught on fire earlier this week. Both the truck and the trailer were completely totaled in the flames. This is a reminder for everyone to remember to do their pre-trip inspections.

We asked Greg Sullivan, Senior Truck Technician to investigate what the root cause of the flames were. He says,

“Basically we think that there might have been grease on the tire or brake. As the brake got heated over time, the bearing probably went bad and the oil on the brake probably caught fire. The fire then spread to the rest of the trailer, and the flames were unnoticeable until it was too late. We think that a proper pre-trip might have prevented the flames if the driver had detected the large amount of oil and grease on the brake or hub before the event.”

A good pre-trip inspection not only prevents tickets but could also prevent a highly dangerous situation like this. Make sure you remember to do your pre-trip inspections.

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