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Total Mail Upgrade Expected to Improve System Stability

We had lately been experiencing slight issues with our Total Mail servers, but we wanted to let everyone know that we have found a solution that is guaranteed to restore the convenience of our dispatch process.

Total Mail is the server that provides communication from our TMW dispatch system with our driver’s PeopleNet devices in their trucks. Before this issue was resolved we had a few instances where the system would restart unannounced.

We have now fully updated the system and guarantee that this will resolve this technical issue for all Total Mail users.

Recently a couple of our drivers reported one minor issue in the new update where the workflow will sometimes not come through OBC. In this case, simply refresh your unit to quickly correct it.

We anticipate that the Total Mail server upgrade will boost efficiency once again and provide more seamless dispatching for our drivers.

If you have any questions about Total Mail or PeopleNet do not hesitate to contact your driver manager for assistance. They are all trained to handle these technical issues.

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