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New Grease Packs

We wanted to tell everyone about the new grease packs that we have been using to keep the fifth wheel lubed. These packs are available to every driver in our fleet.

We used to have large barrels full of grease available in shop for drivers to come and grease their fifth wheels, but that process proved to be extremely messy and ineffective.

The new process comes in the form of the new grease packs. We keep them in the storage trailer in Effingham and also have these grease packs available to pick up in shop. All drivers are free to help themselves to the grease packs, courtesy of the company.

The packs is easy to apply to the fifth wheel. All you need to do is place it on the fifth wheel before you back it up. The plastic wrapping will burst to apply the grease.

It is important to keep the fifth wheel lubed because it maintains mobility between truck and trailer, which ends up saving on general wear and tear costs.

For more information or further questions about obtaining a grease pack, contact Greg Sullivan at or 217-728-9800 ext. 255.

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