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Summary of Weekly Operations Meeting

Everyday we hold an Operations meeting with the entire company at 10:00AM to make sure we are maximizing our resources and service initiatives. We wanted to make sure that everyone in the company is on the same page, especially in terms of our value of good communication between driver and driver managers. These meetings are how the driver managers communicate to us what is happening in the trucks of our drivers.

We wanted to briefly summarize the content of these meetings. We discuss four primary long-term goals (we call them channels): Safety, Service, Driver, and Utilization and how we can improve in each arena. Our goal is to try to make sure that every base is covered in regard to these four channels, or goals.

The Safety channel involves discussion about crashes, updates on DOT, violations, Hazmat, CSA scores, etc.

The Service channel involves a discussion about our overall customer service as well as service for our drivers. We talk about late loads and the reason for being late, unbilled revenue figures, how many loads we accepted from each customer, etc.

The Driver channel refers to unseated trucks, new hires, idle times and etc.

The Utilization channel involves a discussion about how to maximize our hours. We try to find out the reason that a driver may have only driven for 6 hours, to understand if a customer held them up, and the general reason they may have been detained.

Hopefully this article gives you insight into what we talk about during our Weekly Operations meeting every day and why we value communication between driver and driver manager.

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