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Tire Pass Program at Loves Truck Stops

This article was written by Steve Von Behren, company driver.

As an over the road driver, I find it difficult and time consuming to check my tire’s air pressure as often as I should. Finding the air hose location can be tricky, using the hose located at the fuel islands can be trickier, and it holds up drivers in line behind you. I recently tried the Loves Tire Pass Program, and it was a great time saver.

An attendant there checked my air pressure while I was fueling, and then inflated the tires as needed. He also checked my tread depth and overall tire condition. He did all this while I fueled so it took no extra time at all. When he was done with my tires and I had finished fueling, we went inside to the fuel fuel desk where he printed out a form with my tire pressures and tread depth so I could have it for later reference. It was a great time saver and I wanted to let our drivers know of this great service!

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