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Steer Tire Wear

We wanted to send out a brief reminder to all drivers to adapt driving behavior to maintain tire wear. Tires are the most expensive aspect as far as maintenance goes. Luckily there are a few habits we can adapt to greatly decrease the wear and tear of the road.

  1. Tire inflation, make sure that the pressure is at the proper amount (usually 110 psi).

  2. Another element to watch for is aggressive driving behavior, which includes eliminating quick acceleration and quick stopping behavior.

  3. Adapting a habit of wide turns is also important.

  4. Keeping the fifth wheel lubed is often overlooked, but is also important. You can pick up grease packs in shop or the storage trailer in Effingham (contact Greg Sullivan for more details 217-728-9800 ext. 255).

Some of our drivers have displayed notable tire wear driving behaviors: John Kledzinski, Cary Bare, Amanda Norman, and Jesse Baker. Well done and thank you for being proponents of exemplary industry driving. We are lucky to have you!

Correspondent: Greg Sullivan

Edited by: Daniel Chung

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