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Driver Team

How can we build trust with drivers? This is one question that we have frequently been asking ourselves in every meeting. As a company we agree that one value that we base our identity on is stronger bonds and personal relationships with all our drivers. It is what we have been striving since day one.

Joe Keller recently decided to assemble a team that further investigates these values. We call this the Driver Team, and their goal is to implement strategies to further deliver a personalized experience with every driver. It is one reason why we decided to promote Amy to Owner Operator Program Manager and why Daniel launched the Weekly.

Joe Keller says, “I have every faith and confidence that this team will come through with solid solutions. Every member of the team has the most influence and responsibility for relationships with drivers so I expect to see great things.”

To conclude this article, we wanted to ask our drivers for their input. As a company how can we help you succeed? How can we improve as a company?

If you have any answers to these questions, speak with your driver manager or contact Daniel, our Marketing and Communications Specialist at 217-728-9800 ext. 257.

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