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Chatting With Joe About Owner Operators and Company Drivers

In light of the company’s recent growth, we noticed that the area where we have seen the most expansion is through our Owner Operator program. We spoke with Joe Keller to get his thoughts on what this means for the company, as well as what to expect for the company’s future.

The Owner Operator Program was meant to be a growth opportunity for the company. We had previously seen a bit of a plateau in terms of growth because of the price of our trucks. Developing partnerships with Owner Operators allowed us to take in more business opportunity with clients without purchasing more trucks, and also allowed us to become more diverse as a fleet.

But this does not mean that our Owner Operators are more or less valuable than our Company Drivers. We consider every member of our fleet a valued partner. It is important to remember that we are all on the same team. There is no difference in the way that we treat the different members of our fleet, regardless if they own their own truck or use our company trucks.

In many ways, our company relies on Company Drivers. We think of Company Drivers as the cornerstone or foundation of our business, while the Owner Operators are a valued aspect of our growth. Growth is important, but growth can only happen if the foundation of the business is solid. Because of this we do not think that Company Drivers will ever become obsolete.

Growth affects the entire company. It means that we are able to offer our clients more service, which leads to more opportunities for every driver. Growth also means that we are able to get more trailers for our fleet.

We consider Company Drivers, Owner Operators, and Board Carriers all irreplaceable to our fleet. Thank you all for your quality service!

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