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Featuring our Driver Managers: Working Hard to Keep You Rolling

A driver manager primarily manages a portion of the overall fleet by sending out personalized load assignments and dispatch. Even though our driver managers (DMs) are challenged with managing a large number of drivers on a daily basis, our drivers also report feeling a personal connection with their DMs. We handpicked our DMs carefully because they have displayed a genuine care and understanding about the lives of their drivers. Having strong connections between the fleet and management has always been our priority.

We had a chance to speak with each DM to give them an opportunity to communicate with the rest of the fleet through the Marvin Keller Weekly. Each one of them wanted to express a sense of accessibility and transparency.

Hannah, driver manager immediately wanted to make herself available to the fleet. She says, “I have a family of my own. I know what it’s like to want to see them everyday, and that drives me to want to help our drivers get home every day to see their families. My door is always open. Even if you may not be here physically to walk through the door, I’m just one call away. My job is to help you out, so let me know if there is anything I can do to help.”

Tammy, driver manager was previously an over the road driver. She says, “I have 20 years of over the road experience. That means I have a familiarity with the challenges that drivers face day in and day out, which gives me an attitude of utmost respect for them. I also do my best to understand each driver’s situation to better assist and accommodate them. I try to be the kind of manager I would have wanted during my years over the road.”

Amy was recently promoted to Owner Operator Program Manager because of the relationships she has with many of our Owner Operators. She says, “I have been doing this for nine years so I understand the day to day struggles of drivers over the years. I really want to do anything in my power to alleviate these struggles and stresses that drivers may face over the road. If that means calling a broker, fixing an issue with a load, or getting directions, I will happily offer my service.”

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