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Plate Renewals and New Permit Books

The expiration date for our license and registration in all our trucks is March 31st. We will be sending out updated apportionment cards (cab cards) later this week.

We will work with each driver personally to figure out the best way to get the card to them, whether it be faxing it to them via truck stop, or emailing the apportionment cards to those who have printing access.

A hard copy of this apportionment card will need to be placed in each truck before April 1st. The cards are unit specific, including information like the VIN number and the year and model of the truck. All drivers should keep the old card in their truck until April 1st, then dispose of it after they replace it with the new card.

We also are updating the permit books. These are the light green booklets inside your permit binders. The new permit books have updated insurance information, Illinois Fuel Tax (IFTA), and Hazmat Permits.

All drivers should remember to check their permits daily to see if they have any permits expired.

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