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Truck Washes

Appearance can go a long way. A clean truck is proven not only to increase the value and public image of our fleet, but can also make a driver feel brand new as well. It can also go a long way in the success of an inspection.

We wanted to remind all our drivers to get their trucks cleaned for the incoming spring season. Over the winter we have accumulated quite a bit of dirt, salt, mud and water. Marvin Keller has an account set up at Blue Beacon so washing your truck is free!

Make sure you utilize this free service at Blue Beacon. Getting a wash at Blue Beacon is always at the courtesy of our company. Ideally we want our trucks to be cleaned once a month since it costs our drivers nothing.

Call Greg Sullivan for any questions about how to utilize this free service at Blue Beacon or any other concerns about washing your truck (217-728-9800 ext 255).

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