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The Best Co-Drivers by Melanie Noland

These are my girls, Chic (brindle & white), and Paisley, (masked fawn).

Chic is a ten year old mixed terrier, and Paisley is a two year old pit bull. Both ladies absolutely love "going to work" with me. They are up with me pre dawn prancing to get out the door.

Although seemingly harmless, they tend to keep unwanted guests away from my truck which gives me a sense of security when I find myself in less desirable locations. They love to meet new people and several of our customers recognize them by name and often with treats. These ladies have been traveling full time with me for a couple months now.

Prior to this I would take them on Fridays but my older dogs health began to wain and her separation anxiety was winning. After several trips to the vet and a plethora of drugs which left her in a drunken state, I opted to pull her off all her meds and just bring her along. I also stopped feeding them store bought food and began making homemade food. The difference is amazing, my girl is her old self again and I look forward to many more trips with her and Paisley.

They keep my spirits up as not only am I an empty nester, but my husband works away from home so these girls keep me going. Thanks Marvin Keller for allowing my best friends to spend each and every day with me.

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