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Meet Kim and Her Paw-pal Payton!

Payton is a 6 year old Peek-a-Poo (cross between a Poodle and Pekingese), and she has been accompanying company driver Kim Bruchman and her husband Dave Bruchman for 5 years up and down the highways.

Our correspondent Melanie Noland got a chance to meet Kim, Dave and Payton. She reports that Payton enjoys being spoiled and eating treats while hanging out with her best pal Kim. Kim enjoys Payton's company while her husband and co-driver rest up in the sleeper. Payton keeps Kim company by keeping her alert while driving late hours.

The photo above was taken by correspondent and company driver Melanie Noland. The picture was easy to get because Kim and Payton are best friends, but getting a picture with Dave and Payton together may be a much harder task. Dave says in good humor that he did not want to take a picture with Payton because she’s not his dog.

Kim and Dave and their companion have been with the Marvin Keller Fleet for 5 years.

Melanie said, “I look forward to crossing paths with them again in the future and hope that our Paw-pals can meet one day.”

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