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We Can All Learn From Allen Fitzgerald

We wanted to applaud one of our company drivers Allen Fitzgerald for his exemplary service attitude that we commend at Marvin Keller. It’s the kind of service that we want to see in every employee here. Here are a few instances that come to mind:

A few weeks ago, Allen came across one of our owner operators who needed a little bit of cash. Allen pulled the cash out of his own pocket without a second thought, offering it to the other driver saying that he did not want to be paid back. The driver was so touched by Allen’s gesture that he reported it to Amy his manager saying that he wanted to find Allen again to pay him back.

The next instance was when Allen happened to be at headquarters. We had a few new drivers who were visiting the office and Allen introduced himself to them, offering his personal phone number. He said that he had been around for a while and he just wanted to offer his phone number in case the new drivers had any questions about being a new driver. We thought that this was an amazing attitude that deserved recognition and appreciation.

Having this attitude of service and high purpose is the kind of attitude that we consider the most valuable asset in our business. Allen is the kind of driver that we value most in our fleet, because he understands that we are all in this business together. We think that everyone in the company can learn from Allen in this regard.

Thanks for being you, Allen! We are glad to have you on our team.

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