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Lewis White, Owner Operator Program Update

Our owner operators are not any more or less significant than any of our company drivers, but being that they are a large part of our business we are glad that our Owner Operator Program has seen quite a bit of growth.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Owner Operator Program it has high earning potential. One major benefit is that you can choose your own loads. This means more control over where you want to go and how long you want to stay out. As an Owner Operator you work for yourself which means you can plan around your own schedule. You are essentially a business owner.

Lewis White was a company driver who signed on as an owner operator after working for over a year. It has been four months since Lewis started as an Owner Operator, so we thought it would be nice to check in with Lewis for an update on his new business.

Talking to Lewis over the phone, he sounded very enthusiastic. He says,

“The reason I joined the Owner Operator Program in the first place is because of the high earning potential. I learned that I could double my income by having my own truck, and I wanted to start saving up for retirement. Although it has been challenging on some occasions, it is great that I saw this increase immediately, since week one. Marvin Keller has been nothing but good to me. In this business it’s important to have to have a good team behind you. There’s a good team here at Marvin Keller. I wouldn’t want to drive for any other company.”

We then asked if there was any tips he wanted to give to anyone who was interested in becoming an Owner Operator. He says,

“It comes down to how much you value home time. Being an Owner Operator means you work for yourself, and that gives you a lot of control over when you work and where you go. This can be a huge factor for some people. Another one thing to consider is that the price of fuel economy can make or break an Owner Operator. You have to know what you’re doing, and do it well.”

For those who are interested in purchasing a truck but are unsure about the financial side of things, Joe says his door is always open to give financial advice. Knock on Joe’s door the next time you are in the office to ask him any questions.

We also offer a Lease Purchase Program where you can purchase a Freightliner Cascadia from the company over an affordable leasing contract. For all inquiries, speak with Aleta in recruiting.

Aleta Crouch: (217-728-9800 ext 233)

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