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Ladd Ashbrook, One of Our Longest Tenured Drivers

Ladd Ashbrook is a bit of a legend around here as one of our longest tenured drivers. Ladd recently brought his 1950 Studebaker in to the office, so we asked him if we could talk about it in the Marvin Keller Weekly. He was more than happy to contribute. And we were thankful to get a glimpse of his experience and history with the company.

"I came aboard with Marvin Keller back in 1993, way back when Marvin Keller only had three trucks. I worked here for about six months then went to work for a service equipment facility out of Mattoon for a while. It was so long ago that the place doesn’t exist anymore. After eleven years I came back to Marvin Keller.

My experience with Marvin Keller has been pretty good. I own a paint business that I tend to in the summer, so I usually work for Marvin Keller part time in the fall. Marvin Keller’s recruiters told me, “Go ahead and paint when you need to, and come drive with us whenever you want. We’re glad to have you!” It was good to know that I was still welcome at Marvin Keller even after eleven years. And it is convenient that I am able to manage my paint business while still being able to get miles under my belt part time.

As for hobbies, I have a 1950 Studebaker that I traded in years ago. I traded my prized 1941 Hudson for it. The license plate on the Studebaker is ZZT50, the letters being the initials of my grandchildren Zeya Key, Zeryk Key, and Tessla Ashbrook. The 50 stands for the 1950 Studebaker model.

I do a lot of work on the Studebaker in my spare time. I had a few cars in my lifetime. I had a 1951 Chevy which had a V8 motor put in. I had a 1937 GM Pickup, that one was really fast. But my favorite has to be the 1941 Hudson. I’ve just always loved that style of coupe, two-door and shiny. I would trade back my Studebaker to get it again.

Overall this company is great. I know Rick and his dad Preston, I go to church with him. I get along with him and his wife well. I know Joe and his dad Marvin, who always seems glad to see me. It is good to be a part of the Marvin Keller family. I plan on staying here for a while and I am looking to get another house soon."

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