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Mike Tierney and the Drive Cam

The Drive Cam is meant to prove drivers innocent in the case of a crash or other incident. The camera is not recording 24/7, but rather only activates the recording function when there is an abrupt change in movement within the cab. When the recording function is activated, it only saves footage 8 seconds before the event and 4 seconds after the event for a total of 12 seconds.

Recently our driver Mike Tierney experienced the usefulness of this technology. In his incident, Mike was driving safely in the main lane and there was a car in the right exit lane. As they approached an intersection, the car cut Mike off abruptly, darting over in front of Mike in the main lane, causing a crash.

Later the Drive Cam revealed what happened, and Mike was exonerated of fault.

We talked to Mike to get an idea of his side of the story as well as his opinion of the Drive Cam. Mike says,

“I always felt that the Drive Cam was a bit of an invasion of privacy. But I was glad the camera caught this incident through the front facing camera.”

The Drive Cam is meant to help our drivers and the company maintain a culture of safety.

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