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Drivers Helping Drivers: The Rob Childress Story

At Marvin Keller we believe that everyone in the company is on the same team. We are constantly seeking to applaud those select drivers who have exemplified values of service and loyalty to our team.

One story that we wanted to highlight this week is about the service of Rob Childress toward a fellow driver, a new owner operator.

Steve McIntire is an owner operator that came aboard with us in January. It was Steve’s first load with the company, and he was dispatched to pick up a load delivering for Mars Petcare.

After completing the load, Steve had a story to tell.

Steve told Amy, Owner Operator Program Manager, later that after completing the load at Mars, he was having trouble working out the paperwork process. Steve then said that he fortunately ran into Rob Childress who assisted him with the proper paperwork scanning process.

Steve sounded extremely happy and thankful for Rob’s service and team attitude. Even though the gesture was seemingly small, it made a huge impact on Steve’s experience here at Marvin Keller.

It is this attitude of service and loyalty that we deeply applaud and handsomely reward.

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