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Tips, Tricks, and Tools of the Trade

1) Dry erase marker; write your directions in the top left of your windshield. Hands free and eyes on the road.

2) 5th Wheel Grease Remover: WD40 for hands and tools, add with Dawn for clothing stain removal

3) Use wire close hangers to secure placards.

4) A solid piece of 2x4 and a crow bar is handy for a pin jump. Use the crow bar to cock the 5th flush with the trailer, secure with the 2x4, drop air bags and pull out. Much easier than trying to dolly up 40+ thousand pounds.

5) Adding vinegar to your Windex will cut cigarette smoke off the windshield

6) Adding rubbing alcohol to your Windex will stop interior window fog.

7) A 2 inch Paint brush is great for dusting your dash panel, vents, and panels. It gets into the tight spots.

8) Pam cooking spray around your door seals will prevent them from freezing shut in winter weather. Spray them then wipe them down.

9) If you have a pet riding with you, a flat top cooler in front of the passenger seat creates a platform for them to stretch out and not risk falling from the seat. Top it with an old pillow and it is puppy heaven.

10) If you have a larger dog in your company, fit them with a harness and run the seatbelt through it to insure their safety in the event of an accident. This not only prevents them from being thrown through the windshield, but keeps them from falling from the window when they discover they can roll it down themselves with the innocent touch of the nose or paw.

11) Keeping your truck clean and clutter free will keep you from getting "burn out". Pride in your ride drivers. Go get yourself a truck wash, sweep and mop those floors, dust that dash and wash them windows.

12) Keep a bath size trash can handy to assist in good housekeeping. You will feel more invigorated and ready to roll in a neat and tidy surrounding.

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