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Elizabeth Dobbs, Owner Operator Program Update

Elizabeth Dobbs is an Owner Operator who has been driving with Marvin Keller for a year and a half. She was previously with TNI for a year and a half, and then worked for WCA Trash Service.

Elizabeth is a certified dog trainer who raises Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds. She also works to flip houses as a side gig when she’s not on the road.

Elizabeth says, “Marvin Keller is a good company overall. I purchased my truck to be flexible with my time, and this Owner Operator program provides that flexibility. Aleta, my driver manager, is great. I can go to her whenever I want to drive, and if I need to take a week off or so to work on a house, she just tells me to come back whenever I’m ready to drive again.”

She also provided us with constructive feedback about how to improve our Owner Operator program. Elizabeth is a great partner carrier and we are glad to be in business with her!

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