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One Extra Call Makes All the Difference

In light of our recent drop in CSA scores, we wanted to highlight a positive story that encapsulates the kind of attitude we would like to see our drivers have in regard to hazmat and other general safety topics.

Leigh Edwards recently embodied a stellar safety attitude through her first ever hazmat load. Leigh is a company driver who has been with the company for nine months. Her first hazmat load was for Sherman Williams in North Carolina, Leigh reported that even though she believed she had covered all the hazmat steps, she wanted to be completely sure. She says,

“I wanted to make sure that before I drove off that I had covered all the necessary steps. I thought that I had covered most of the bases, but I called Tammy, my driver manager, up just to be sure I did everything I was supposed to do. I thought that there might have been a few things that I missed since it was my first hazmat procedure and it had been a few weeks since my hazmat training.

After calling Tammy, she suggested that I add a second strap just for extra security, and explained that sometimes these loads with paint buckets tend to slip. She didn’t just order me to put an extra strap on but explained why. I really liked that. As she went through the steps, I was reminded of all the further steps that I needed to drive safely.”

We asked her further how her relationship with Tammy was. She answered,

“I think it’s good. She communicates with me, and I’m able to speak with her whenever I need assistance. Sometimes during the weekend i’ll send her a PeopleNet message, not expecting a response until Monday. But she’ll respond immediately even though it’s the weekend. I appreciate that about her.”

Instances like these mean a lot to us as a company who’s CSA hazmat score is recently unacceptably low. We value when our drivers take the initiative to ensure that our loads are always safely secured. Thank you, Leigh for your caution and careful attitude toward hazmat!

Our driver managers do a great job at keeping in touch with our fleet for support and service to our fleet. They all certified and trained to answer your questions and ensure your success as a driver, so do not hesitate to reach out to them. Utilize their expertise as a resource. Your success is their success.

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