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Darby Brown, Confessions of a Dissatisfied Driver

It was my first trucking job. When I started with Marvin Keller my interpretation of the industry was not real. I tried to make the trucking industry what I wanted it to be, but I was disappointed that it was different from my expectations. I left Marvin Keller because another company promised a better opportunity, but I was soon to learn that the opportunity there was not as advertised.

Before I begin I wanted to reiterate that I am new to this industry. I used to own a Landscape and Lawn Maintenance business that printed newspapers as well; I did that for a long time. I generally had a hard time adjusting to the trucking industry; waiting for dispatch was something I was not used to. I would constantly see Owner Operators pulling our trailers and I would wonder, “Why are my miles dropping?”

After a long enough time I decided it was time to move on, hoping to get more miles at another company. Before I left my Driver Manager Tammy warned me saying, “The grass is not always greener. Other companies will always try to promise the moon.” But I guess I just needed to see that for myself.

After joining another company, I immediately realized that they were not delivering on their promises. It was a perspective shift because I realized that the miles I was getting with Marvin Keller were actually pretty good in comparison to what I was getting at the new company. After a few weeks of subpar treatment, I wanted to come back to Marvin Keller.

Luckily Tammy did not stop reaching out. She called me and left a message a month after I left expressing that she was concerned that the other company was not delivering on their promises that the door to Marvin Keller was always open if I wanted to come back.

It took awhile for me to realize it, but I think that Marvin Keller provides a perfect opportunity for my situation. I really value how much more they care about their drivers than larger companies, and how they invest in each of their fleet members. Often at the other company speaking to the Driver Manager would be like speaking to dead air.

Is Marvin Keller a perfect company? No, but it is definitely better than the other companies out there in this industry if you value solid miles and a higher standard. Is there a better company out there somewhere? Probably, but unlike many companies out there, Marvin Keller is always trying to improve which I am thankful for.

I think many drivers might have the same questions about the industry that I did. I would encourage them to come speak with their Driver Managers face to face, not over the phone. You’ll learn that they really do care about their drivers.

I realize now that Tammy always bent over backward for me, I just never saw it. I’m glad they have given me another chance to succeed in this industry and get my head above water again.

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