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Park Smart Troubleshooting With Greg

We have received some complaints that the ParkSmart air conditioning units do not cool the sleeper as much as people would like. The goal of this article is to help our drivers get the best performance out of your Park Smart A/C units.

We have discovered a few primary reasons why your ParkSmart A/C may not be working as well as it should. The most common fix is to change the ParkSmart filter. We have attached a GIF so that you can see how this is done.

We have filters available any time in shop, so make sure you get that changed the next time you swing by.

The next is a common misunderstanding. Most people think that the ParkSmart A/C is meant to cool the air immediately, but the system is actually designed to maintain the current temperature in the truck. When drivers shut down and take a break, they tend to try to cool the sleeper using only the ParkSmart system. The ParkSmart will cool the cab very slowly because it is designed to maintain the current temperature not necessarily cool the cab down immediately.

To use the ParkSmart cooling system to its maximum cooling potential, use the built-in A/C in your truck simultaneously with the ParkSmart system to cool the truck while it’s moving. After you shut down, keep the ParkSmart A/C running. This way the system will maintain the cooler temperatures that you had before shutting down, instead of taking much longer to cool down a cab that has been hot for a while.

In other words, we advise you to start your ParkSmart towards the end of the day while the truck’s A/C is still running instead of starting the ParkSmart after you have been shut down for a while. If you do this, and change the ParkSmart air filter too, you can get the best usage out of your ParkSmart systems.

If you have any questions, call Greg in the shop. Stay cool, everyone.

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