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Mobile Capture Update With Tiffany

We started implementing the Mobile Capture technology in March. The technology promises a much easier paperwork process for the driver, as well as auto indexing capabilities here in the office.

So far we have trained 23% of our drivers with the Mobile Capture technology, and our goal is to have 95% of the fleet trained by July 4.

Mobile Capture is simple and clean. All you need to use the technology is a smartphone and a specific Mobile Capture app, which you can download in the App Store or Google Play Store. Tiffany has been training drivers to use this technology.

The people who use Mobile Capture say they absolutely love it, saying that it is so much easier than the traditional process. The beauty of it is that drivers do not have to stop at truck stop to do their paperwork, rather they can take a picture of their paperwork through the Mobile Capture technology and submit instantly online through the app on their phones.

The technology eliminates the need for cover sheets and automatically indexes the paperwork here in the office. It makes the paperwork process incredibly easy for drivers, reduces the amount of errors, and saves the company a lot of time with auto indexing. We are very happy with how it’s working so far.

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