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Brad Gathercoal Send-Off Party

Brad was just at his one-year mark when he notified us that he was being called back to active duty.

Bradley Gathercoal is a company driver that came aboard in May 2016 as a student in our training program. Over the course of a year we have been happy to learn that Brad is a loving father and husband who exemplifies all the strong family values that this company has been rooted in since our humble beginnings in 1965.

During his send-off party Brad filled us in on the details of deployment. He was called back to active duty for a time period of 400 days or more. He told us that he would be stationed in Qatar and assured us that he would be safe during his time overseas.

Although we will miss having Brad, we are 100% proud and thankful for his deployment serve our country.

Joe Keller, President and CEO of Marvin Keller says,

“I felt honored that Brad came to work for our company. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. I wanted to thank him for his service to the company and the country. We are honored to have Brad in our fleet, we wish him luck in his future endeavors and we would love to have him back after his deployment.”

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