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Land of Lincoln Honor Flight

We recently learned that Deb Welton is a participant in a non-profit called Land of Lincoln Honor Flight. The non-profit is aimed to provide war veterans a free, roundtrip service to Washington DC to see the memorials. We asked Deb to talk a little bit about the program to give us more details. She says,

“The Land of Lincoln Honor Flight is a non-profit that offers a one day, no charge flight to veterans who are able and willing to fly to Washington DC. The trips offers them the opportunity to visit memorials. Veterans who served in the armed forces in World War II, the Korean War Era and Vietnam War Era are eligible to participate. It is open to veterans in the vicinity of the southern and central Illinois. The non-profit is primarily based in Central Illinois.

I am scheduled to be a Guardian for a Vietnam veteran for a flight on June 20th. The last update provided on this flight advised that there are 6 WWII veterans scheduled to go. Flights are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of each month from April – October. Any veteran of the three eras noted below can obtain an application and more information at the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight website. Any individual wishing to serve as a Guardian for the flight can also obtain an application and training information at this website. Guardians provide assistance and accompany the veterans on this trip. A Guardian can request to accompany a specific Veteran, or, as in my case, they can be an ‘unattached’ Guardian and be assigned to a Veteran on a trip.”

Marvin Keller is proud to have a Land of Lincoln Honor Flight Guardian in our ranks.

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